DVD: The A-Team - Seizoen 2

Uitgever: Universal
Speelduur: 1070 minuten (6 discs)
Datum: 21 juli 2005

Disc 1
  • Diamonds 'n' dust
  • ecipe for heavy bread
  • he only church in town

Disc 2 

  • Bad time on the border
  • When you comin' back, range rider
  • The taxicab wars

Disc 3 

  • Labor pains
  • There's always a catch
  • Water, water everywhere
  • Steel

Disc 4 

  • The white ballot
  • The Maltese cow
  • In plane sight
  • The battle of Bel-Air

Disc 5

  • Say it with bullets
  • Pure-dee poison
  • It's a desert out there
  • Chopping spree

Disc 6

  • Harder than it looks
  • Deadly maneuvers
  • Semi-friendly persuasion
  • Curtain call


  • Aflevering Knight Rider "Brother's keeper"
  • Trailers The A-Team, Knight Rider, Magnum, Miami Vice

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