C.O.P.S. (1990)


Amerikaanse tekenfilmserie over een speciale eenheid agenten, elk met een eigen specialiteit, die in het jaar 2020 de misdaad bestrijden; de afkorting C.O.P.S. staat voor Central Organization of Police Specialists.


Publicatiedatum: 10 september 2007
Laatste aanvulling: 1 juni 2014

© DiC Enterprises/Hasbro/Claster Productions/Saban

Tags: RTL 4, RTL Véronique, RTL 5, 1990, Jaren 90


Volgens mij werd deze serie eind jaren 90 ( zo rond 1998) ook uitgezonden op Foxkids.
hier wat info van cops van deze site staan ook clips ophttp://hubpages.com/hub/COPS_Central_Or ganization_of_P olice_Specialis tsC.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists)71rate or flag this pageBy Crazyharp81602C.O.P.S. The Entire C.O.P.S. team! IntroductionC.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) is a late 80s' animated series created by DiC Entertainment that aired between 1988-1989. This show is based on a toyline of action figures known as C.O.P.S. n' Crooks. This toyline is loosely based on the popular G.I. Joe. series and were created by Hasbro the same year the show first aired in the fall of 1988. The show aired again in 1993 on Saturday mornings in syndication as "CyberCOPS" to avoid confusion with the live action version of COPS, the reality TV show. The series is all about a team of futuristic police officers lead by Special Agent Baldwin P. Vess (C.O.P.S. Codename: Bulletproof) who strives to bring a powerful criminal leader Brandon "Big Boss" Babel and his army of criminal thugs to justice and restore law and order in the streets of Empire City in the year 2020. The show contains only 66 episodes and has gained many fans who grew up enjoying the series along with its unforgettable characters such as Bulletproof (My all time favorite character), Buttons McBoomBoom, Big Boss, Nightshade, Mace, Berserko, Highway, Sundown, LongArm, Barricade, Dr. BadVibes, and many others.The cartoon was only made to promote the toys. The 15-issue comic book series, made by Doug Monech for DC Comics, was also made to help promote the toys as well. Both the toys and the comics featured characters and vehicles that were made and formated completely different from what they were seen as in the show. The toys were void of any female characters in the line-up; all featured cap firing guns that were not safe for small children to play with. The comics, on the other hand, carries a much different storyline with a little bit of a darker tone setting to it and the characters in the comics all bear an exact resemblance to the action figures themselves.In my honest opinion, the cartoon has the strongest appeal of them all, with all of the combinations of light-heartedness, intresting stories, humor, action, excitement, awesome, unique characters, each with personalities that makes all of them special in their own right, a vessel known as The Ultimate Crime Machine, a Big Boss look-a-like, a brilliant Berserko, a green car, a romantic, loving relationship between a COP and a crook, a "pardner" in crime, an African-American lady, who's also the President of the United States, trained bugs, The Bad News rock band, a clownmobile, a lucky penny, thieving toy robots, instant justice machines, bad cookies, a crimeboss who despises illegal drugs (let alone a dirty suit), a little girl who dresses up like a superhero, unforgettable battle cries of "It's Crime Fighting Time!" and "Crime's-A-Wasting!", a COP, who acts like a sportscaster, a conscience band, baby-size crooks, a chip off of a COP's own block, a boxing kangaroo, speed suits, ghost suits, and so much more! It has a lot more OOMPH in it than the toys and the comics series all put together.Both the toys and the comics should have been made to promote the TV series instead of the other way around - with the comics made in the exact format of the show, the toy series made to look and feel 100% exactly like all vehicles and characters as they were seen in the show (and playsets too!), be much safer for small children to play with, and the toy series to include Mainframe, Nightshade, Mirage, Mayor Davis, Ms. Demeanor, and many others. It doesn't deserve to be an underrated show, but instead, a much more bigger, more popular series than what it is today. It ran only for one measly season with a total of 66 incredible episodes. However, in many other sites that tells of the series, it is claimed mistakenly that the series has only 65 episodes. For some unknown reason, they omit, The Case of the Boy Nobody Wanted from their episode list.This so-called "lost episode", The Case of The Boy Nobody Wanted, which I remember seeing very well, is about Brian, LongArm's son, helping out a underprivileged boy while at the same time helping the C.O.P.S. team thwart Big Boss' plan to steal some top secret information stored on a floppy disk by replacing the real disk with a crappy one that caused the computer system in Big Boss' penthouse to go haywire and a vacuum cleaner to suck up poor, old, skinny Squeeky Kleen inside it and Big Boss yelling out through the window, "You did this to me, Bulletproof!" Hopefully, Shout! Factory will include the episode in their future boxsets of the series so we can get to know the episode better in the near future.But that's not all what the site is all about.

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